Grounded like the roots of the 400 year old Angel Oak Tree outside Charleston, South Carolina, Amber’s writing and coaching skills provide those embarking on their spiritual journey with a deep understanding of themselves.  Her talent gives them roots while encouraging their branches to reach for the sky!



WOW!! Timeline work with Amber yesterday, resolved something HUGE from when I was 3 years old, and 24 hours later… my inner child [is] playing dress up, which I was never allowed to do as a child… Thank you!!


I had an amazing session with Amber today…We uncovered some amazing shadows…I am full arm open spread into the facing and clearing…Life itself has been a personal struggle of finding my purest joy among the chaos of my wound creations…but I feel the changes, see with more clarity, and look forward to the onward journey with the great assistance of Amber.  I took a dive into an abandonment issue today…but do not feel alone or fearful!