Less is More

Lately, I’ve been walking around feeling a bit like a kid who just ate all their Halloween candy in one sitting.  Sick to my stomach.  I walk around and it seems like everywhere I look, everywhere I go, everyone is overly concerned with ‘stuff’, ‘things’, ‘success’.

Seems like American and Consumer are now synonymous.  What gives?  We have more than anyone on the planet and yet we still think we don’t have enough.  We need more.  More food, more shoes, more clothes, more money, more cars, more gadgets….where does it end?  When do we have enough?  I feel like I already have more things in my world than I could ever need or even use.  No, I KNOW I do.  Sometimes, I look around and think, how freeing would it be to just back up a dumpster and throw it all in!  One of my favorite vacations was this past summer when my fiance and I rode up to South Dakota on our motorcycle.  There’s not much room for ‘things’ on a bike, so the ‘stuff’ I brought was paired down to only the most essential items.  It felt so amazing to not be lugging around all the crap that I normally do!  It was totally weird and strangely wonderful all at the same time!


Its not that I don’t appreciate what I have, don’t get me wrong, but it feels like it all gets in the way sometimes.  With more stuff, comes more responsibility.  The more you have, the more things that require your attention.  The bigger your house, the more money, the more time it requires.    With all this stuff requiring your attention, your focus is diverted from what’s really important.  What’s really important are relationships.  At least, to me anyway.  And not the ones that can only be fostered through social media.  When you’re important to me and I’m important to you, we make the time to see each other…spend time together in person.  Memories and shared experiences are what create a relationship.  Not some funny voyeuristic relationship in which you ‘like’ my post and my pictures.

Collect Moments

I dont know.  Maybe I’m the only one that feels this way.  Maybe the very fact that I’m posting these thoughts on a website instead of sharing them in person with my family and friends makes me a hypocrite.  But oh yeah, I have plans on the calendar to actually see them…in person…and have a conversation with words, not text…so….maybe not.

Ugh… my mission this year is to simplify.  To get rid of all the distractions and stuff that’s getting in the way.  So tonight, I will be unsubscribing to all those stupid emails advertising the latest sale, deepest discount, or new product that I just have to have.  Because you know what?  I don’t just HAVE to have it.  And you know what else?  I don’t need to waste my time reading it and deleting it.  I have better things to focus on and advertisements that contribute to our consumer addicted mind-set aren’t one of them.  After that, look out closet…here I come!

<<<End rant.>>>


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