Philosophy & Dreams


I believe….

not just in God, but in friends, good causes, integrity, charity, making friends, holding open doors, welcoming the new person, making others laugh, enjoying a good swing every now and then, snuggling my kitties, hugging my nieces and nephew, telling someone you love them, and in learning to say No.  I believe in expressing myself through words, art and music, that a good cry is food for the soul,  that starlight is just as important as sunlight, that the world is full of energy, call it God, Chi, vibes, intuition, auras, whatever, its there…..I believe we’re all connected, whether we like it or not.  I believe in guardian angels, guides, saints, fairies and leprechauns.  Magic and wonder, imagination and faith.  I believe tough love is often the hardest love to give and to receive.


I love…

Chocolate & Dr Pepper, leapin hugs from my nieces & nephew, laughing so hard I cry & saying exactly the right thing at exactly the right moment. I love towels fresh from the dryer, Hallmark Hall of Fame commercials & Dr Pepper Lip Smackers. I adore all my peep toe high heels!! I love fruity drinks & playin the piano & singin along at the top of my lungs. I love to curl up with a good book on a rainy day, movie marathons & making chocolate chip cookies. I love nights when inspiration strikes & I write clear thru until morning. I love big warm hugs and kisses that share the same breath. I love meeting someone I’ve known before & reminiscing with old friends. I love country music & I love my red hair!! I love snuggling with my cat & giving him eskimo kisses. I love a guy with great smelling cologne. I love dancing-anytime, anywhere-with my nieces at a carnival, at a wedding, in the rain, at a nightclub, to movie credits or even in the parking lot at work. Most of all…I love my family & my friends & my country :)

I dream…

Of a cute little house in the mountains, of growing my hair out long and becoming a hippie (minus the mary jane), of traveling the world, of making a difference, an end to war and hate, and for a slower paced world


I hope…

To keep writing and to parlay it into a career, to pay off my credit cards, for sunshine tomorrow, a comfortable bed, a long life, children and grandchildren, to go green, to practice more yoga, to slow down, to plant my own garden, to learn to sew and play the guitar, to turn off the self analysis, to learn to like myself more, to give away more hugs, that someone besides myself enjoys this blog.


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