I have two huge passions in my life.  One is Life Coaching and the other is writing!

I grew up a bookworm.  I was the girl that got in trouble at home for not getting her chores done, but not because I was off goofing around with friends, it was because I was curled up in my room, lost in the pages of a book.  I lived for book orders, book fairs, book stores, book marks…lol…I even volunteered my time before school in the mornings helping the school librarian!!  Can you say, Nerd?!

When I was getting ready to graduate from high school, I had no idea what I wanted to study in college, but I knew that the only thing that resonated with me enough to spend 4 years studying it was reading and writing.  Hence, my Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature.  During those four years in college, I allowed my love of reading and writing to turn into a dream of traveling the world and sharing my journeys with others via the written word.  It was going to be epic!

Enter a boy…and love…and marriage.  Needless to say, my trajectory went a bit off coarse and I found myself knee-deep in corporate America with no trace of my writing career anywhere in sight.  Believe it or not, it took me several dark nights of the soul and 16 years before I realized just how off coarse I had gotten. Yowsa!  BUT…as we know, all problems are a merely a shortcut in disguise, placed on our path to gently (or maybe not-so-gently) nudge us back to our purpose and get us back on coarse.

So here I am, after doing a lot of soul searching and inner work on myself, I realized that not only was I supposed to get back to my love of writing, I was supposed to help others heal themselves via the written word.  So what does that look like?  Well,  it starts out as a simple conversation.  We get to know one another, you share with me how you found me and why you’ve contacted me and we take it from there.  That’s it.  Pretty simple.

I offer the following services:

  • Writing – I have written creative pieces, completed technical writing for former employers and created both online and print marketing copy.  Once given the proper parameters, I will produce the agreed upon written item.
  • Reading – I will read your work and give feedback for content and cohesion.
  • Editing – I will edit your work for preliminary formatting, punctuation and grammar.
  • Writing Coach – I will teach you a brief overview of writing, its different genres, types of formatting, provide you with writing prompts and inspiration and help you to find your inner writing voice.
  • Blog coaching & setup – I will work with you help you create your blog, which includes selection of and set up of your blog, admin of your blog, tutorials on how to update your site moving forward and marketing of your blog via social media.
  • Blog to Website Conversion – I will walk you through the process of converting your blog to a full-fledged website, helping you to trouble shoot along the way.

Contact me at angeloakww@gmail.com to schedule a session

or to inquire about my writing services.