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You Better Recognize!! How Far Have You Come?

Hey gang! Do you give yourself enough credit?  Do you recognize how far you've come in your life?  Or do you beat yourself up? Well it's time to stop that!  You better recognize!!  Start giving yourself some props for how hard you've worked and how far you've come.  We spend so much time looking at… Continue reading You Better Recognize!! How Far Have You Come?

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Expectations: The Real Thief of Joy

Hi Everyone! This week I'm talking about expectations.  I've struggled with expectations all my life and have discovered that they are, in fact, the true thief of my joy. Join me as I share some insights I've gained about expectations and how they've impacted my life! ~Amber


Awake & Dating

I’ve received more than one comment over the last year or so that I should write a blog about conscious dating, or dating while actively pursuing my spiritual journey.  I’ve shied away from this idea merely because dating is hard enough without sharing it with the world, let alone sharing it from what is supposed… Continue reading Awake & Dating