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You Better Recognize!! How Far Have You Come?

Hey gang! Do you give yourself enough credit?  Do you recognize how far you've come in your life?  Or do you beat yourself up? Well it's time to stop that!  You better recognize!!  Start giving yourself some props for how hard you've worked and how far you've come.  We spend so much time looking at… Continue reading You Better Recognize!! How Far Have You Come?

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Tree Lessons

Last week I was sitting in a park eating my lunch on what was an unusually warm December day.  I was looking around, appreciating the view and noticing that most of the trees were empty of their leaves, alerting the world to the slow onslaught of winter. Then I remembered an article that I read… Continue reading Tree Lessons

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Manifestation & The Road to Writing – Part 4

  Hey there! Remember me? Sorry I’ve been gone for a while…I manifested some pretty amazing things in my life and had to step back to deal with all the changes going on in my world. I didn’t mean to leave you hanging but, you know, life happened and it required some attention. I promise… Continue reading Manifestation & The Road to Writing – Part 4