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Tiny Houses, Big Lives

  Have you all heard about The Tiny House Movement?  No?  Well, by the time you’re done reading this, you will have had a crash course on the topic.  A tiny house is any house that is under 800 square feet.  WOW!  That’s small!  Especially compared to the mansions that most of us live in.… Continue reading Tiny Houses, Big Lives


Less is More

Lately, I’ve been walking around feeling a bit like a kid who just ate all their Halloween candy in one sitting.  Sick to my stomach.  I walk around and it seems like everywhere I look, everywhere I go, everyone is overly concerned with ‘stuff’, ‘things’, ‘success’. Seems like American and Consumer are now synonymous.  What… Continue reading Less is More


Daydreaming about my Trip to Italy

So I’ve been transporting myself to other lands tonight…places where it isn’t quite so cold and dreary.  Can you imagine where my thoughts took me?  To Italy, of course!!  I’ve been daydreaming about my trip to Italy and Greece this summer and I’m SO excited!  I will get to add two more stamps to my… Continue reading Daydreaming about my Trip to Italy