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quantum-healing-imageQuantum Life Coaching – Initial 45 min. Consultation – FREE

I offer a FREE initial consultation to all potential clients because I believe the choice of a life coach is a very important decision and should not be entered into without plenty of forethought and consideration.  I use the 45 minutes as an interview for both myself and for you.  Its an opportunity for us to chat and get a feel for whether or not we would be a good pairing to walk together on this journey that you are considering embarking upon.  It gives us both the chance to ask and answer questions to see if we are a “good fit” for one another.  From my perspective, I will be assessing whether or not I believe I can assist you and you will be determining if you are comfortable with me and my approach to life coaching.  All Quantum Life Coaching sessions conducted via Skype.



Quantum Life Coaching – $95.00 for a 50 min. session

The word quantum means “all”.  From a life coaching perspective, we will dive deep into all aspects of your life…mind, body, and spirit.  I will hold space for you, acting as a mirror to help you see and understand yourself more clearly.  We will walk together while you learn to shut off the noise without and go within.  You will reconnect with the person you were truly put on this planet to be and you will learn to embrace and love yourself, just as you are!  We will peel back the layers of your life, identify what is keeping you stuck and why.   We will heal and release any past trauma that has served as a barrier to love, happiness and success in your life.  I will share information from the forefront of epic-genetics, quantum physics and the metaphysical world to help you awaken your heart and bring excitement and joy back into your everyday life!  You will learn how to integrate a new level of awareness into your life and I will provide you with tools to assist you in setting and achieving goals so that you can transcend into the person you’ve always wanted to be.

All quantum life coaching sessions are conducted via Skype.  *Discounts available for package purchase


Quantum House Clearing/Blessing – $350.00 for a 2-4 hr servicesmudging-image

Have you ever felt that something wasn’t quite right with your home? Do you redecorate or move furniture and pictures around a lot never managing to get your space to feel right.  Believe it or not, there is a a very good reason for this.  Sometimes people have left their previous dwelling (now your current home) for reasons that involve pain and suffering or other negative emotions. Maybe the energy of someone that has passed on remains behind. Or perhaps your home has witnessed some turmoil in your own life such as a divorce, a grievous argument, or a death. Whatever the reason, clearing these and other ‘stuck’ energies can relieve you from the distress of past trauma and the pain of other people’s lives. It’s also a good idea to refresh your house before bringing an innocent and sensitive new baby home!

When you invite me to clear your home, I will observe your home, noting any issues that retract from the feeling of peace in your home.  I act as a conduit, flowing positive and loving energy into your home, making your space more livable by removing and clearing the negative energy within it.

When you clear your home, you are clearing your life! Provide yourself, your environment, your life and your work with the highest level of positive energy possible. This service will:

  • Offer brief life coaching/teaching session on how energy functions in a home
  • Provide suggestions to ensure the frequency of your home remains clear and loving
  • Clear all unwanted/negative energies from your work/living space
  • Bless the space and persons occupying it


Quantum Writing & Editing Services – $35.00 per hrwriting-is-magic-image

I believe that words are often intangible things that help to connect the physical world.   The power of the written word is very real and there is no question that it has stood the test of time and for good reason.  It connects hearts from across the room, across the city, across the country or ocean and it spans generations and crosses cultural lines.  I believe that we are all here for a reason, and that some of us have a very definite and important message to share with the world.  While I am happy to help you discover your message via a quantum life coaching session(s), I am just as happy to help you put pen to paper and share that message with the world!   So if its been on your heart to share a part of yourself via the written word, yet you find yourself unsure about how to give that message shape or you are feeling a bit scared at the thought of opening yourself up in such a vulnerable way, I can help you traverse those waters.  I know what its like to overcome big emotions and self-doubt in order to pursue a dream of writing.  I am happy to discuss, help organize, write & edit any type of material you wish to write. I have experience writing newsletters, blogs, professional letters, memos, training, biographies & articles.

writing-is-magic-imageWriting Coach
– $50.00 per hour

I will teach you a brief overview of writing, its different genres, types of formatting, provide you with writing prompts and inspiration and help you to find your inner writing voice.



Quantum Blog and Website Images

Blog Coaching & Setup – $50.00 per hour

I will work with you help you create your blog, which includes selection of and set up of your blog, admin of your blog, tutorials on how to update your site moving forward and marketing of your blog via social media.


If you have any questions or would like to book a session with me, please email me directly at  All sessions and services are prepaid.  

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