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Tree Lessons

Last week I was sitting in a park eating my lunch on what was an unusually warm December day.  I was looking around, appreciating the view and noticing that most of the trees were empty of their leaves, alerting the world to the slow onslaught of winter. Then I remembered an article that I read… Continue reading Tree Lessons

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The Comfort Of A Memory

I was reading over some of my past writings and came across this little gem. I wrote it back in 2010 before I had my own blog. Given that Autumn is slowly descending upon us, I thought this a fitting post in order to bid adieu to yet another summer, as well as the summer… Continue reading The Comfort Of A Memory

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Ramblings of Break Ups, Intuition & Sadness

This may end up being a rambling post but I have a LOT going on in my life and, as a writer, I’m struggling to make sense of it all without writing it down. So, while I won’t be sharing this post on my fb page, I am putting it out there for all my… Continue reading Ramblings of Break Ups, Intuition & Sadness

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Happy Birthday Grandma Lucy

  I was driving home from work tonight, random thoughts running through my mind, when the song “Temporary Home” came on the radio.  I love all of Carrie Underwood’s music, but this song in particular has always spoken to me on a deeper level.  So I begin singing.  There I am, flying down the highway, belting… Continue reading Happy Birthday Grandma Lucy